Proverbs 31:8 "Speak up for those unable to speak for themselves,for the rights of all who are left desolate and defenseless."



  Global Mission Society Project's Wish List


- Bantaba (refurbishment): Power Washing Accessories, Paint, Pillows


- Ladies crafts group: Fabric yarns,Thread crochet needles, Sewing machines, Craft building


- Men's crafts group: Hammers, Waddles


- Chicken Farm: Finance Chickens/Hens/Roosters, Chicken Feed, Fencing, Small Chicken Coop


- Clean Water Project


- Solar Energy Project


- Kunta Kinte Family Tree Memorial Heritage Project: 3D Graphic Art, Plan of the Traditional Hut, and Walkway


- Toilets


- Medical Mission: General Health Checks, Eye Examss, CPR FIrst AID Brochures, Medicine (Aspirin, Mosquito Nets, Pepto bismol for Diarrhea, Clorox for Cleaning)



Global Mission List of Accomplishments


Salon Customers' Donations

Relocated local Gambian from Mud House to Apartment with Toilet and Shower

Met with Architect and Builders

Paid for Architect Plans and Builders Estimates

Bought Zinc for Roof

Bought Rice for the Families in the Village

Delivered Sewing Machines, Walker, and Toiletries Donated by Churches, Along with Small Toys

Paid for Two Volunteers' School Fee Scholarships